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Date of birth: May 4th 1972.

Location: Berlin, Vermont

Current Location: Erie, Colorado

Profession:  Climber - Ice, Mixed, Alpine, Trad, Sport

Sponsors:  Petzl and Sportiva


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"Personally, climbing is my anchor. My first childhood memory was of climbing the outside of the chimney of my family’s house. And throughout my life, I have always felt a compulsion to climb. Though climbing is perceived by some as a frivolous distraction, over the years I have come to appreciate the abstract value of climbing in my life. The ritual of climbing strips away the static interference that often clutters my mind. Climbing demands complete presence in the moment and thus leaves me with a clarified mind. Climbing has become like an involute curve, the lines I’ve unwound on cliffs and mountainsides are not mere segments, but rather spirals wound around my self, imaginary gears that have helped engineer my life, the concrete realities of my life were driven by them, as abstract as they may have seemed."


Will Mayo sends the 25 meter "The Mustang" M14 roof into "Red Beard" M12 to a crux finish on one arm lock off on this ice.

 "This is the most challenging and the most exiting sport mixed climb I have ever done"

Will Mayo cruises "The Great Red Roof" 5.13b in Red Rocks, Nevada, first established by Tom Moulin

“The Great Red Roof follows an offset beveled crack for twenty-five feet, yet allows only a handful of jams due to its unique angles, A large flake-jug broke when I started working the route last week, making the transition into the final sloper-campus section considerably harder. In the end, I used an inverted undercling method instead.”

Will Mayo sends the classic "The Joker" 5.12c , an overhanging finger crack, in Moab, Utah. The route is an endurance fest with a difficult start to steep moves to a sequency crux move.

Will Mayo sends "Red Planet" 5.13b in Sedona Arizona, a two pitch finger crack first established by Arizonian climber John Mattson.

Will Mayo battles "Lifeline" 5.13b, a John Mattson masterpiece. The crack dishes out a variety of sizes, from tight finger locks to ring locks to tight fingers to tips and finishes with a baffling bolted sequence of levitation up a fin requiring flared fists, fly-aways and faith in sandy footholds and flared toe jams.

 "I have never been so challenged by a rock climb in my life. Perhaps it's because I have large hands and fingers, but this route seemed like .13c to me. "



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