Born: August 28, 1987 Moorestown, NJ

Residence: Buchanan, Michigan USA

Height: 5 ft. 10 inches

Weight: 130 lbs

Profession: Professional Rock climber ( Bouldering)

Highest Bouldering Grade: V16 Lucid Dreaming First Ascent

Sponsors: EVO

About: Paul David Robinson is an American professional rock climber who specializes in bouldering. He is one of the strongest boulders around and has established and repeated several bouldering problems at the V15 -V16 difficulty rating, in such areas as Hueco Tanks, the Buttermilks, and Magic Wood.


La Rambla 5.15a

Margo Hayes

Paul Robinson makes the third ascent of  Griffin Whiteside's "Traffic" 8C/V15 in Coal Creek, Colorado.

Paul Robinson captures the First Ascent of "Reverse Logis" 8B+/V14 on the rock of The Scoop, in the Coal Creek area, Colorado

After two weeks of trying Paul Robinson captures the First Ascent of "Karoshi" 8C/V15, the overhanging sharp boulder problem which means " death by overwork"

One of the strongest boulders Paul Robinson developed a new test piece in South Africa called "Pirates Code" 8C/V15. Paul has described the boulder as "tensiony and crimpy with very small holds and no feet"

Paul Robinson repeats "Delirium" 8C/V15 at Mount Evans. The problem is 18 moves long out a roof at about 12,000 above sea level. The problem required a sport climbing mentality, making use of the rest in the middle and keeping it all together for the hard exit sequence.



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