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Date of birth: August 13, 1985

Location: Spain

Residence:  Spain

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown 

Profession:  Rock Climber

Notable Ascents: FA- Valhalla 5.15a ( "the largest roof in the world" )

About: Edu Marin has climbed at the highest level from a very young age, red-pointing 8c at fifteen; on-sighting 8b+ at sixteen and climbing 9a at seventeen. He has climbed routes of 9a+, and achieved World Championship titles. He did the first ascent of Valhalla "the largest roof in the world" at the Getu Golden Arch, China

"limits are thoughts feeding on our fear of  failing".


Edu Marin bolted and makes the first ascent of "The Clinic" 35 meter 9a+ , the most difficult sport route in Shangfang, China. 

Edu Marin establishes the First Ascent of "Arco Iris" 8c+ in El Platan, Montserrat. A 200 meter , 6 pitches course which becomes a test of strength and endurance. 

Edu Marin sends "Valhalla" 9A+/5.15a, First Ascent, 380 meters long ( 1,247 feet ). Edu's determination to conquer the largest roof in the world is absolute and nothing can stop him. It is Edu's greatest achievement to date. Valhalla is on the Great Arch of Getu, China.

Pure beauty. Edu Marin making it look casual as he sends Valhalla 9a/9a+(5.14d/5.15a) in Flatanger, Norway

A dream achieved. Edu Marin has pulled off and freed "Panorama" 8C in the Italian dolomites. The line features easy but poorly protected climbing on its early pitches with run-out sections between some extremely doubtful peg placements. The crux of the route arrives in its upper reaches however, when a daunting triple roof section blocks the climber's path to the summit.

Edu Marin and his legendary father Novato set off to take down "Orbayu" the hardest route on the face of Spain's notorious Naranjo de Bulnes in Northern Spain, known as the country's hardest multi-pitch with an 8C/5.14b crux move.

Edu Marin and his father Novato set off to Austria to tackle and test his limits on Alex Huber's massive 200 meter route 'Sansara" 8b+/5.14a

Edu Marin in the best shape of his life focuses his power and endurance on Seleccion Anal 9a+/5.15a. Unfortunately, without optimal conditions it doesn't go for him at this time.

Edu Marin redpoints Chilam Balam 9b/5.15b. An 85 meter limestone sport route with 235 moves first ascended by Adam Ondra in 2011. 



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