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Date of birth: Oct 26

Residence: North Vancouver, BC

Height: Unknown

Profession: Rock Climber

About: Alannah Yip started climbing at age 9  and competes in the World Cup circuit in all three disciplines ( Bouldering, Lead and Speed ). Alannah recently qualified for the 2021 Olympics

 "I climb because I love the level of intense focus required to climb your best. That feeling of 100% concentration when you're trying your hardest, when nothing else in the world matters, is what I'm always chasing."


Alannah Yip was in last place. when she went to the last Olympic qualifiers held at Sender One, Los Angeles, CA. Alannah had yet to show her competition what she was made of, so she decided to make a calculated decision to conserve energy for the first two events. In a dramatic turn of events, from sixth place, Alannah took the win, securing her the only spot to represent Canada in climbing for the first time in history at the Tokyo Olympics.

The IFSC Pan-American Championships was a dream come true for Canadian Alannah YIP after two narrow misses for Olympic qualification.

Alannah Yip shares her feelings and her relationship with climbing. Success is built on learning from the past. Each attempt brings a chance to grow and adapt.

2019 Arc'teryx Climbing Academy: Alannah Yip

Full Climbs from Alannah Yip at Portland Boulder Rally 2018

La Rambla 5.15a


Margo Hayes

Alannah Yip's coach Andrew Wilson believes that she has a great shot at representing Canada at the 2021 Summer Olympics.



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