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Date of birth: April 3, 2001

Current Residence: New York, USA

Height: 5 ft 1 in 

Weight: 88 lbs

Profession: Sport Climber/Boulderer

Highest Grade: Redpoint: 5.14d/5.15a ( 9a/9a+)

                           Bouldering V15 ( 8C)

About: Ashima Shirashi is youngest person to climb a 5.14d/5.15a (9a/9a+)  route, and first female to climb a V15 (8C) boulder "Horizon"


La Rambla 5.15a


Margo Hayes

Ashima Shiraishi flashes Lethal Design V12, a Las Vegas classic

Ashima Shiraishi Semi Final Lead IFSC Climbing World Championship 2018

Climbers Ashima Shiraishi and Zach Galla climb the classics in the South

A bouldering comparison of the 2 great climbers Alex Puccio and Ashima Shiraishi at the quarter-finals of the 2014 Clif Bar Psicobloc

Ashima Shiraishi : Beasts of Bouldering is a compilation of hard epic bouldering moves.

Emily Harrington and 13 yr old Ashima Shiraishi at the seeding round of the 2014 Psicocomp in Park City, Utah

Ashima Shiraishi returns to Hueco Tanks, TX on March 2012. On this trip, she sends Crown of Aragon V13 and Barefoot on Sacred Ground V12 at age 10.



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