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Residence: Bishop, CA. USA

Height: 5 ft 0 in 

Profession: Rock Climber

Hardest Boulder Problem: V10

Hardest Sport Climb: China Crisis 5,14a, Peace 5.13d

Hardest Trad: West Face of the Leaning Tower 5.13

Hardest Bigwall: Broken Arrow 5,13d

Number of First Female Ascents: 22 (5.12 to 5.13)

Sponsors: La SportivaEdddie Bauer, Cliffbar, ClimbTech
About: Despite her injuries, 
Katie Lambert continues to crush big walls and sport climbs all across the globe, showing no sign of slowing down.

"I can honestly say that rock climbing has saved my life in many ways, because without it I don’t know where I would be. I hope to continue on this path of not only climbing these beautiful granite walls and boulders but also to keep letting these things shape me and my life." 


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Margo Hayes

EXCERPT FROM PODCAST...."I can't say that I'm aware of myself living with a tremendous amount of fear or a little fear.  Except for, I have fear of what's going to happen to the world.  The loss of the wilderness and wildness.  I am fearful of that.  That we loose it completely.  I guess I could say I feel that type of fear all the time. "  Katie Lambert  


"If you never try, you will never achieve your goals.

But if you try, you just might!"

As the spring season heated up, climbers head south in search of new destinations to build their strength and stamina. One rising destination in the Southern Hemisphere is the La Mojarra climbing area on the Mesa de los Santos next to the Chicamocha Canyon National Park in Columbia. Known for bullet-hard red sandstone, overhanging sport routes and surreal climbing above a picturesque valley, the zone has started drawing international climbers due to its growing reputation. Eddie Bauer climbers Mason Earle and Katie Lambert journeyed to the area, staying at the climber epicenter of Refugio La Roca and tested their spring skills by sampling the hardest routes in La Mojarra’s range. 

Katie Lambert climbs Ron Kauk’s Broken Arrow (5.13+) in Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite. She climbed the route with pre-placed wires, in style with the first ascent.

"There is an interest thing about Redpointing a route.  You start to have this fear of failure get in the way.  Oh, I'm not going to do it.  I'm going to fall.  That can become paraylizing for you.  It turns into a total mind game.  I think that's something we all have to recognize in ourselves, and to motivate ourselves to go forward, and really try, regardless of the outcome, and be free of whatever happens. "  Katie Lambert  

In this transportive Cheyne Lempe video, Eddie Bauer free climbers Katie Lambert and Caroline George climb with pride in the visually stunning Verdon Gorge of southern France, where classily run-out, sandbagged and delicate routes recall an earlier pioneering era of airy sport climbing. The trip involved high-grade free climbing on Surveiller et Punir and Pichenibule that Lambert had envisioned since her early training days in the American deep south and one that forced Caroline George to face her alpinist’s fear of falling on the atmospheric rock routes that made the towering cliffs famous in international climbing circles. Put the headphones on and enjoy.

In the big wall free climbing world, the aesthetic sandstone crack system on Moonlight Buttress stands as an iconic line on nearly every climber's life list. But for Eddie Bauer athlete Katie Lambert, one milestone on that multi-pitch testpiece elevated its significance to something greater and much more personal than just a single potential tick on the resume.



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