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Date of birth: March 14, 1983  Canmore, Canada

Height: 5 ft 8in 

Weight:150 lbs

Profession: Professional Big Mountain Skier

Sponsors: Arc'teryx; 4Front skis; Smith Optics; Dynafit

About: Eric Hjorleifson ( nicknamed Hoji ) is a professional freeskier. He was born and raised in Canmore, Alberta. Hjorleifson contributes yearly to ski movies made by the film company Matchstick Productions. What separates Hoji, 29, from many of his peers is the depth of his involvement in product development for the brands he works with. Sponsored by 4FRNT and Dynafit (among others), he’s equal parts pro-athlete and product engineer.


Margo Hayes

This film by Matchstick productions is only a small part of the film HOJI; The Story of Eric Hjorleifson - one of the most prolific skiers in history.

Another film by Matchstick Productions shows Eric Hjorleifson's powerful smooth style of shredding in Whistler, BC

At Sochi 2014, Japan landed historic medals in snowboarding half pipe defying the USA's dominance of the sport, one of them is by stylish Ayumu Hirano.

La Nina's glory was a winter to be remembered, and Hoji was at the top of his game and slayed it.

After a two year sabbatical from filming with Matchstick Productions, last season Hoji reunited with the team for what would turn out to be one of his most enjoyable and successful filming seasons in the past few years.

La Rambla 5.15a

Some strong, powerful extreme skiing by Hoji. A film by Matchstick Productions.

A full-length documentary profile of Eric Hjorleifson. Hoji is a professional skier who grew up in the mountains in and around Banff National Park and has made a name for himself almost since the moment he strapped on skis (for real: as a pre-teen, he set the record for most ski runs in a single day at Mt. Norquay Ski Resort)



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