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Date of birth: February 21, 2001

Current Residence: Meza Arizona

Height: 5 ft 9 in 

Weight: Unknown

Profession: Professional Skateboarder


Global Ranking : 8th Overall / 14th Street / 25th Park

Sponsors: DC Shoes, Plan B Skateboards, Red Bull, Bones Wheels, Independent Truck Company, KTR skateboard

About: Jagger Eaton is a sponsored amateur skateboarder who, as of September 2013, is a Mega Ramp competitor and the youngest ever X Games competitor.


Margo Hayes

Jagger Eaton is Team USA  athlete and an Olympic hopeful. This video Jagger Eaton's PRO Part is for The Heart Supply.

Team USA Olympic hopeful Jagger Eaton smooth style unleashed at The Berrics. Eaton skates differently than anybody else.

2020 Raw footage of Jagger Eaton's "Strong Sessions"

After all the glam of skateboarding, demos, photshoots etc., it’s always good to be back home and enjoy skateboarding in its greatest form: low-stress, no-deadlines, and with the good homies. This is what “Field Day” is all about.

La Rambla 5.15a

At the Mens Skateboard Street at the X Games Norway 2018, Jagger Eaton wins the Silver Medal.

The Best of Jagger Eaton - 2020.

The Best of Jagger Eaton - 2018.

Enjoy amazing Park and Street tricks by Jagger Eaton in this Edit.



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