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Date of birth: August 27, 1985

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Current Residence: Nomadic

Where to call home : Boulder; Las Vegas; Barcelona

Height: 5'5 in

Weight: 127 lbs

Ape Index: +1.5 inches

Profession: Sport Climber; Trad; Big Walls; Bouldering

"The top of my mountain would be when I'm 60 and looking back and seeing that I made a contribution. I don't need to be the best, I don't need to be like the top competitor. I don't need to be number one. I don't care about any of that. I just want to give back. I want to be a part of the story. My mountain is making a contribution."


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On his recent trip to Italy, Jonathan Siegrist makes a quick send of two of the hardest routes in the country. Stefano Ghisolfi's Lapsus 9b/5.15b and Adam Ondra's Goldrake 9a+/5.15a

Jonathan Siegrist repeats  James Litz test piece Peruvian Necktie 5.15b/9b in Utah. Daniel Woods got the second ascent.

Jonathan Siegrist establishes the First Ascent of of a long standing project, Rainmaker 8b+ / 5.14a 

Jonathan Siegrist didn't let COVID stop him from climbing and training hard . This route was the culmination of months of training. Jonathan establishes the First Ascent of "Nu World" 9a+/b 5.15a/b in Las Vegas.

On February 2020 Jonathan Siegrist establishes the First Ascent of Hundred Proof 9a+/5.15a at Potosi Cave, Nevada.

Jonathan Siegrist captures the First Ascent of "Full Metal Brisket" 5.15a/9a+. The opening move is a 5.14c intro, and the hyper cryptic crux is at the end of the route. Bad holds, awkward movement and precise sequences characterize the route. It has resisted the efforts of many elite climbers.

“I heard about this wild project in the Coliseum on my first trip to West Virginia seven years ago,” Siegrist wrote on Instagram. “The rumor was that the moves had maybe all been done but linking them would be crazy.”

While on a road trip, Jonathan Siegrist researched the local crags of Colorado for potential new lines, what he found deep in the Colorado Hills is God's Crag. A crag with abundant potential that needed a bit of work and development. Rock like Rifle, Colorado

After months of training and five weeks of effort, Jonathan Siegrist redpoints "Biographie/Realization" 9a+/5.15a on June 1, 2014. Siegrist ascent was the the route's eight and Siegrists's first 5.15a

"I wanted this route more than I've wanted anything in my life. I want to add some of the hardest sport routes in the U.S., and with my routes La Lune and La Reve, I speculated they could be 5.15, but I didn't know. I thought Biographie would give me a respectable benchmark so I wouldn't have to speculate about grades. Ok, now I know what this difficulty feels like."

Jonathan Siegrist establishes the First Ascent of "La Reve" 9a/5.14d on February 2012. La Reve is a striking 100 foot line out of a limestone cave in the Nevada desert.

"It was exactly what I was looking for - a route that would demand a new levels of dedication, physical strength, and mental fortitude from me. It was of course frustrating, ego-crushing, and difficult throughout, but in the end it was a dream come true. I named the route 'Le Reve', meaning 'The Dream' in French."

Jonathan Siegrist captures the First Ascent of "Algorithm" 9a/5.14d at the Fins, Idaho on September 8 2012. The 40m 5.14d route is atypical of most other routes of this difficult - the line is slightly overhanging with fierce technical climbing up its steep face..

"The wall has a nice combination of pockets and edges, some slopey, some sharp. The fact that its dead vertical maybe slightly overhanging at times is really what makes it stand out. That and it's size. Algorithmm is 40 meters of climbing ! Algorithm is the king line at the Fins, Idaho "

Jonathan Siegrist bags the First Ascent of "Pure Imagination" 9a/5.14d, the hardest route in the Red River Gorge, located in the Chocolate Factory Crag.

"After some easy initial climbing, the route fires directly into a very serious boulder problem on thin, very sharp edges, finishing with a wild all-points off sideways dyno. From here the route carries on difficult lock-offs on crimps and pockets to surprisingly frequent, albeit worsening rests. Towards the top lies the longest section of uninterrupted hard climbing that finishes with a reachy, shouldery lock-off (redpoint crux). There is a solid rest at the final boltnbefore you climb a series f pockets and long moves guarding the chains."

Jonathan Siegrist returns to Ceuse, France to battle  and redpoint "Le Cadre Nouvelle" 9a/5.14d, ticking off the last hard project of his three month European tour.

" It's a beautiful and varied route and moreover it was tough style for me, which is always rewarding. The crux is a jump off sloping edges with really poor feet. Not a huge dyno, but it's super powerful and requires subtlety."



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