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Date of birth: May 14,1992

Born: Sydney, Australia


Profession:  Professional Freerunner/Parkour

Team : Team Farang and Crew42

About: Dominic Di Tommaso from Sydney, Australia

Di Tommaso, or 'Domtomato' as he is known, started freerunning back in 2007 following a background in ballet and figure skating and a full-time job as a garbage man.

He trains with Crew 42 and became a part of Team Farang in 2016, having known them since back in 2011, and he's been a regular at Red Bull Art of Motion in recent years.

"It excites me to know that the possibilities are seemingly endless. I’m so happy to be a part of the community that advocates support and progression for each and every freerunner involved."


Dominic Di Tommaso does it again, displaying physical and mental strength in this video- possibly the height of athleticism in human history.

Dominic Di Tommaso once again pushing the edge of Parkour. His casual videos have as many sketchy gnarly tricks than most feature films

Dominic Di Tommaso will be remembered in Parkour and Freerunning. Domtomato is the most daring of all. One month contains more highlights and impressive feats than others in their entire career. His feats are absolutely mental !

Next level Free Running/Best Parkour and Flips of Dominic Di Tommaso. Domtomato lands every turn and flip smooth as butter. Perfection!

Dominic "Domtomato" Di Tommaso doing a 2 story Belly Flop

Dominic Di Tommaso showcases the Next level Freerunning and Best Parkour flips and making it look smooth and easy.

Dominic "Domtomato" Di Tommaso showcases his athleticism by casually running, jumping flipping over obstacles and gaps 

Dominic Di Tommaso stepping up the game in this Frontflips 2020 Video Edit.

Watch Dominic Di Tommaso display the level of skill, precision, agility and athleticism in this jaw dropping video. A real Ninja !

Sydney born Legendary Freerunner Dominic Di Tommaso jumps out of a helicopter and the art of motion begins

World Class Freerunner Dominic Di Tommaso showcases the beautiful city of Bruges running and jumping across roofs, towers, steeped gables in an athletic, jump and flip adventure.

Dominic Di Tommaso 2016 Edit shows us what is humanly and physically possible.



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