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Born: October 8, 1992 Paia, Hawaii

Residence:  Maui, Hawaii

Favorite Waves: Jaws

Favorite Maneuver : Stand up Paddle Surfing

Height: 5 ft 8 in 

Weight: Unknown

Profession: Hawaiin Big Wave Surfer

Stance: Natural ( Regular ) foot

Achievements: 2013 SUP Race World Champion; 2013 SUP Overall World Champion

Sponsors : Red Bull; Nike; Hurley; Oakley; GoPro

About: Kai Lenny is a big wave surferstand-up paddle (SUP) surfer and racer, surfertow-in surferwindsurferkitesurfer and celebrity watersports enthusiast.


The waterman Kai Lenny testing the Wing out at Jaws ... and what a blast of a success it was. The ultimate goal is to soar over the waves like a bird. Filmed by ACL Cinema and MROD MAUI.

In PARADIGM LOST, Kai shares incredible sessions with World Champions in BIG WAVE, PROGRESSIVE SURFING, KITE SURFING, WINDSURFING and SUP—and shows the endless possibilities that come with a wide-open mind. Kai also introduces the world’s best pro surfers to a new chapter in surfing with one of the most exciting developments in years – the SURF FOIL. Enjoy the ride!

Kai Lenny is a legend. A Herculean waterman on planet earth. This film from Indigenous films and presented by Tag Huer takes us behind the scenes at the life of Kai Lenny from Jaws to Nazare.

La Rambla 5.15a


Margo Hayes

Witness Kai Lenny's performance at Jaws on November 26, 2018 when one of the biggest swells hit Peahi.

Kai Lenny does every wind sport in one day at Ho'okipa.

Kai Lenny at the iconic big wave Mavericks taking on the biggest swells of the year.

Kai Lenny on his inter-island journey powered only by Mother Nature.



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