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Date of birth: March 27, 2001  Lisbon, Portugal

Current Residence: Huntington Beach, CA

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Stance: Goofy

Profession: Professional Skateboarder

Global Ranking : Overall 75th/  Street 41st

Sponsors: Red Bull, Part Skateboards, Bana Skate Shop, Ementa SB, DC Shoes

About: Gustavo Ribeiro is a Professional Street Skateboarder. He won the bronze medal at the 2019 World Skateboarding Championship on street skateboarding and recently qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.


Gustavo Ribeiro is one of the greatest talents in national skateboarding. The only Portuguese skater to win the mythical Tampa AM and reach SLS

Gustavo Ribeiro is one of the greatest talents in skateboarding and one of the most progressive skaters of the past three years. Check this  video out and be awed !

Photo byJohn Evans

Gustavo Ribeiro one of the most progressive skaters around just turned Pro. Nine To Five is his official Pro video.A full-length film by Bryce Pagter

Gustavo Ribeiro - Jart Skateboards. Because of his relentless progression of the sport, Gustavo Ribiero has become one of the most reposted skaters in social media over the past year. This video is a compilation of some of his insane tricks!!

Gustavo Ribeiro - Jart Skateboards. 

Gustavo Ribeiro at Street league Sao Paulo 2019.



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