Date of birth: October 18, 1976

Location: Maryland

Residence:  Chattanooga, TN

Height: 5 ft 8in

Weight: Unknown 

Profession:  Rock Climber ( High ball Boulderer)

Notable Ascents: FA- Evilution V12, Buttermilks, CA

About: Jason Kehl is a professional American rock climber known for his highball bouldering ascents, inspired artistic endeavors, and for his work shaping holds. First person to ever boulder a 5.14d grade route "The Fly" in Rumney, NH

"Climbing always interested me because it is a great way to express yourself using your body, sometimes aggressive like a brutal fight and sometimes slow and seductive like a ritualistic dance. In that way I see climbing as a good artistic outlet." 


Jason Kehl's recent FAs in Adventureland,  Hueco Tanks. The off-the-deck "Grasshoppa" followed by the toe hooking roof nightmare " Young Blood"

Jason Kehl sifts through the vastness of the Tanks to find some of the most beautiful, esthetic and exhilarating First Ascents. Jason goes back to finish an old project, the lower start of Nymphomaniac - a giant arch boulder that sits high a top the rugged western mountain, perched dangerously close to a cliffside. A No Fall Zone !!! Jason establishes the First Ascents of "Wormwood"/ "Shapeshifter"/ 'Full Nympho"

Hueco Tanks, Texas has some of the best bouldering in the world. Jason Kehl continues to find some of the most esthetic interesting lines in the tanks. He established the First Ascents of "The Growler"/ "Antimatter"/ "Weevil"/ "Arachnodisiac"

Jason Kehl moves to Hueco Tanks and continues to unveil incredible new boulder problems in this rock labyrinth. First Ascents  "Echo chamber"/ "Eye for an Eye"/ "Wiggle room"/ Sacred Sex Altar Project"

In 2002, Jason Kehl established the First Ascent of the badass boulder Evilution V12 , a benchmark highball at 55 feet at the Buttermilks, Bishop CA. Some said it couldn't be done !!



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