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The Stone Master

Date of Birth: July 21, 1953 (Age 64)

Residence: Venice, California

Profession: Author; Rock Climbing Legend

Notable Achievements:

First 'One Day' Ascent of the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley

First to Free Climb 'Astro Man' in Yosemite Valley National Park, CA

Hardest Free Climb: Hangover 5.13b (first of that grade in USA)

Occupation: Author

John Long began climbing in California in the late 1970's with John Bachar, Tobin Sorenson, Ron Kauk, Rick Accomazzo, Mike Graham and Lynn Hill, who he became romantically involved until the early 1980's.  During that time, Long was a training machine, driven to push the limits of rock climbing.  He was famous for his bulging biceps and muscular physique - which was displayed in a photo essay featured in Climbing magazine titled: Pumping Sandstone.

Long's core group of climbers became known as the Stone Masters.  Together, they took bouldering, free soloing, and big wall climbing in Yosemite Valley National Park, California to much higher level.  In 1975, Long teamed up with Jim Birdwell and Billy Westbay to climbed the Nose of El Capitan in just under 17 hours.  But he didn't stop there.  In that same year, he teamed up with Ron Kauk and John Bachar to free climb the East Face of the Washington Column and Astro Man, which has been hailed as the World's Greatest Free Climb. 

With his name etched in the history books, Long set his sights on other endeavors, such as writing novellas, such Rogue's Babylon, which was later made into Sylvestor Stallone's mega-hit movie Cliffhanger.  

In addition to his novellas, Long has published more than 40 titles such as Pale Moon, American Indian Folklore and Legends, and How to Rock Climb - which has sold more than 400,000 copies.


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"We weren't trying to set a record.  We were simply trying to do 'The Nose' in day while there was still light."  


John Long's " The Only Blasphemy" is a gripping tale of a big free solo day with John Bachar in Joshua Tree in the late 1970's.

A nuts-and-bolts guide on How to Rock Climb  "Basic Rockclimbing with John Long" A thorough instructional rock climbing book. This serves as an introduction to rock climbing for beginners and helps intermediate climbers hone their knowledge of the sport.

 A classic video by John Long from 1988 on the art and techniques of lead climbing." The Art of Leading by John Long" - the techniques taught in this video are as applicable today as they were then, despite the equipment updates today.



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