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Born: March 16, 1995 Salem , Oregon

Profession: Professional Longboard /Skater

Sponsors: mXxXn mfg.; Paris Truck Co.; Riptide; TSG; Holesom

About: Brandon DesJarlais is a professional longboard skater, content creator, and marketing professional from Salem, Oregon. An active, do-it-all type of guy, he strives to put 100% effort into everything he does. Brandon made a name for himself primarily as a competitive downhill longboarder.


Brandon Desjarlais joins the Paris Trucks Team. 

San Francisco is know for having some of the steepest hills in the world including the infamous Lombard Street. Brandon Desjarlais and Keifer Koneker shred some of the steepest hills of the city.

Watch Brandon Desjarlais and 3 of the top downhill longboard riders go downhill longboarding at the infamous Bear Guts track in style.

Watch Moonshine team rider shred down an iconic road at the border of France and Italy.

Brandon DesJarlais downhill longboarding raw run at 60mph on "Ciales" - one of the gnarliest road in Puerto Rico.

The Transylvania Freeride on Pasul Vulcan is one of the gnarliest longboard tracks out there. With speeds up to 72mph, grades over 25%, and over 4km of road, this extreme longboarding run is sure to push any rider's ability to the limits. Watch as Brandon DesJarlais takes this mountain by storm in this insane 5 minute raw run.



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