First Woman to Climb 5.15!

Date of birth: 1998

Current Residence: Boulder, CO. USA

Height: 5 ft 3 in 

Profession: Rock Climber

Hardest Boulder Problem: V11

Hardest Sport Climbs: La Rambla 5.15a & Realization/Biographie 5.15a

Sponsors: NorthFace, La Sportiva, Petzl, Team ABC
About: Margo grew up in the climbing mecca of Boulder. she started as a gymnast, but eventually tuned to climbing, working under the tutelage of renowed Robyn Raboutou of Team ABC.  Read
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Photo: C Hayes

"I write down my goal list all the time.  I have long term goals.  Short term goals.  This week's goals.  Today's goals.  Dreams of what I want to achieve in the future.  First of all you must be able to write them down or say it, at least to yourself, to believe it can happen!"

Maturity tends to come with age. Having just turned 18, Margo Hayes embraces this belief in climbing and her perspective in life.  Not only has she podiumed in 11 different national and world youth sport climbing championships, five different bouldering climbing championships, but she has also climbed six 5.14 routes and three V11 boulder problems.  To hear Margo share her philosophy and her experience climbing Bad Girl's Club 5.14d, please listen to to the Podcast below, and encourage your friends to do the same.  


Margo Hayes

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"I really like the ever-changing aspect of rock climbing. The learning curve is really steep and so I know with each climb, there will be more lessons learned! I also love to be in nature and when I climb outdoors, I can take in the world around me and keep things in perspective. It is humbling to stand at the bottom of the wall and look up !"



La Rambla 5.15a

On February 2017, Margo Hayes became the first woman to send a 5.15a in Siurana, Spain making history. This 19 yr. old from Boulder, Colorado made it her goal to climb 14 5.14's to " learn as much about the grade as she could " Hayes spent seven days projecting the benchmark 5.15a climb. Hayes broke the glass ceiling with her ascent of La Rambla.

' I felt a rush of emotion that I hadn't expected. I began to weep. I felt overwhelmed by the excitement and the disbelief!"

The Wind From Below v7 Resident Evil v10 Finger Hut v10

"When I look at a route, you know, it doesn't matter what grade it is, if it's a beautiful line and it excites you, you should just go for it ... it sounds very cliche, but honestly having fun is the most important and I think for myself I always climb my best when I'm happy. Maybe I'm a little frustrated, I want to send a route or I want to make a move but that's just determination. Put yourself in the environment that you love and that makes you the most joyful and then I think that's where you can excel and really learn from others."


Photo: C Hayes

Quoussai les maux de la fin 8c/5.14b