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Brage Vestavik is from Mysen, which is a small town about one hour east of Oslo. It was natural for me to be a downhill rider as I was born in the flattest area of Norway. Brage Vestavik is a member of the MS Mondraker team from Mysen, Norway.


Watch Brage Vestavik and filmer/editor Oscar Kalsnes/Blur Media’s entry into Real Mountain Bike 2021, the all-video MTB contest brought to you by ESPN's World of X Games.

Massive jumps drops, and wallrides; take a lap with Brage Vestavik down his freshly built B-Rage trail at Trysil Bike Arena.

Trysil Bike Arena gave Brage Vestavik the opportunity this year to build his own trail at the bike park., so Brage Vestavick went to work and built himself the craziest sickest technical MTB Freeride line . The trail has some of the biggest sends - a challenging trail for the experienced rider and for the next generation to aspire to. A huge skinny drop in to a gnarly wall ride, heavy hitters and large sends, this trail has it all.

An edit from the crazy downhill mtb event Red Bull Hardline 2019!

Brage Vestavik is back in town, his hometown Mysen, Norway. He spends most of his off season doing what he loves, digging, riding and hanging out with his bros Blur Media.

"OUT THERE" is a film produced by Blur Media during Brage Vestavik's off-season. Hanging out, digging and riding in his small hometown Mysen, Norway.



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