Date of birth: May 11, 1997  Montagnola, Switzerland

Height: 5 ft 11in

Weight: 141 lbs

Profession:  Rock Climber / Boulderer

Highest Grade: V16

About: Guiliano Cameroni is from a small town of Montagnola, Switzerland. who "likes to climb rocks and open new boulders". He has done two V16 First Ascents and numerous V12-V15 problems.

"I like to climb on rock and I like to open new boulders." 


Guiliano Cameroni bags the fourth ascent of La Force Tranquille V15/8c, a mega line first established by Daniel Woods in Magic Wood, Switzerland.

Discover the mountains and valleys of Ticino, Switzerland with Guiliano Cameroni as he establishes first ascents.

Giuliano Cameroni bags the third ascent of "Ephyra" 8C+/V16. first ascent was established by Jimmy Webb and second ascent by Nike Ceria.

Giuliano Cameroni sends The Finnish Line V15/8C in the Rocklands

Giuliano Cameroni has established a tough new boulder problem at Magic Wood in Switzerland. The bloc overhangs 60° and the holds are extremely far apart, although described as "good" by the 22-year-old. This 12-minute video shows all the effort and fine tuning Cameroni needed for his 4-day first ascent of Power of Now.

In February 2019, Giuliano made the first ascent of two of the hardest boulders in Ticino, CH: Poison The Well in Brione and REM in Cresciano. Both problems are V16/8c+

Giuliano Cameroni establishes a few First Ascents in Brione, Switzerland. Sunflower V11/8a; Fuoco di Paglia V12/13 8a+; Red V11/8a; Khumba Mela V12/8a+; Kubalik V13/8b; Fiona V12/8a+



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