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Born: February 26, 1985 Salisbury, UK

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Profession: Professional MTB Downhill Rider

Sponsors: RedBull, Atherton Bikes, Continental

About:Gee Atherton is a multiple world champion and world cup Winner and a Redbull Rampage podium finisher. Gee Atherton is one of the greatest MTB riders of his generation. Gee is the middle Atherton sibling and has been a sensation since age 15.


Spectacular action and personal reflections from one of the world's toughest and most accomplished mountain-bikers. While we've come to associate Gee Atherton 's mind blowing biking skills and daring  mountain rides, this edit shows the fear that he needs to overcome and the horrific crash that ensued resulting in broken bones, a punctured lung and a 2 week stay in the hospital. Gee chose to show the unedited raw footage as he feels it's important that we don't shy away from the less glamorous side of extreme sports.

In his new edit, Gee Atherton tackles a new line at a disused slate quarry in Wales. In his constant quest to progress his extreme sport Gee sets out to conquer a moving mountain with one of the biggest gaps he’s ever jumped and a super-sharp surface where any mistake will not be forgiven.

Gee Atherton above Dyfi Bike Park, a grassy ridge runs down from a 666m summit. The views are stunning but just 2 metres to the left the land falls away, dropping hundreds of metres...

“I’ve always wanted to film here, it’s so incredibly exposed and totally unique but it's not a fun place to ride, its terrifying!"

Despite a rainy morning, Gee Atherton put on an incredibly strong qualifying performance, reminiscent of his World Cup season, to qualify in first place.

Gee Atherton gets hunted by a Peregrine Falcon, the fastest bird on earth. The ultimate experiment between man and bird.

La Rambla 5.15a

Margo Hayes

Red Bull Hardline MTB track is one of the most demanding ever seen, pushing the sport of downhill mountain biking to the limit. Huge rock gardens, giant slab rolls, tight wood sections, technical natural features and the now infamous road gap created a track to push downhill racing to the next level. Watch Gee Atherton shred and test this insane trail.



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