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Date of birth: March 25, 1992  Dumbarton, Scotland

Height: Unknown

Weight : Unknown

Profession: BMX Rider Park/Street

About : Kriss Kyle has been on a BMX since the age of 10, ripping round his family hometown of Stranraer, Scotland.  Kriss is, without doubt, one of the most exciting riders in the world and his profile as one of the most energetic and electrifying park riders globally.


kriss kyle.jpg

Kriss Kyle and his mind bending riding. The creativity is so unique with all kinds of lines and angles. Perfection. Epic edit.

Kriss Kyle and the BSD crew in the last of our behind the scenes videos from BSD Recording. Raw clips, unseen riding and outtakes from what went into Recording out in Israel, Barcelona, Tenerife and Glasgow...

Watch Kriss Kyle execute incredible stunts at Dubai's most famous landmarks

Pure shredding. Watch Kriss Kyle whipping it at Unit 23 attacking the park and pushing the boundaries of BMX. 

Watch Kriss Kyle's ground-breaking BMX film performing World's first BMX tricks.

Watch Kriss Kyle in Denmark pulling off amazing BMX tricks.

Kriss Kyle defies gravity as he takes to the streets.



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