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Born: April 27, 1998  Reunion Island, France

Residence: Tahiti

Nationality: French

Height: 5' 9 inches

Weight: 158 lbs

Profession: French Professional surfer

Stance: Natural ( Regular ) foot

Avg. Heat Score: 11.12

Shaper: Jason Stevenson ( JS Surfboards )

Sponsors: Quicksilver

About: Jeremy Flores started surfing at age 3 and is the most successful European pro surfer of all time, and he has a chance to take his career even further after provisionally qualifying for the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympic Games.


Jeremy Flores gets down to business at the sketchy Putoe , right outside of Teahupoo Tahiti.

Jeremy Flores is the most successful European pro surfer and has led the charge in European surfing for over a decade.

La Rambla 5.15a


Margo Hayes

Jeremy Flores wins the 2019 Quicksilver Pro France, dropping the highest heat total in every single round. He started the heat standing in tubes and within five minutes, he put a 9.67 on the board.

In 2016, 13 year old Daniella Rosas made history by charging a solid 15 foot wave at Peru's fabled Pico Alto.

“I think the best thing about surfing in winter is being able to share an uncrowded lineup with your friends [like Marc Lacomare, who has a cameo in this clip]. Even though I’m an island guy, I had a day where I surfed for six hours in a five mil. Years ago, there's no way I would have done that — but suits are just so good these days.”

Jeremy Flores 2012 Boardshort Video. See Jeremy Flores on his signature boardshort, The Cypher Revolt with 4 Way Stretch Diamond Dobby.



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