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Date of birth: May 30, 1989

Hometown: Japan

Height: 5 ft 5 in

Weight: 108 lbs

Profession: Rock climber

Highest Grade: Sport Redpoint: 8c+( 5.14c )  Boulder : 8a+ (V12)

About: Akiyo Noguchi is known for winning the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Bouldering four times. Akiyo Noguchi is world renowned for her incredible technique and mobility. Udo Newmann, a German climbing coach, published a video of some of her best performances throughout her career, analyzing the qualities that have allowed her to excel in climbing. This video, entitled "Factors Deciding Bouldering Comps - the Art of Akiyo Noguchi," emphasizes her adaptability, which enables her to come up with unique solutions to the problems she encounters. Akiyo Noguchi has recently qualified for the 2021 Summer Olympics.


The Magician Akiyo Noguchi continues to show us even after 14 years why she is one of the best.

Janja Garnbret

This video shows some aspects that make Akiyo Noguchi such a remarkable climber, emphasizing her adaptability and agility which enables her to come up with unique solutions to the problems she encounters.  

Akiyo Noguchi wins the Combined Boulder in Putri, ASEAN GAMES 2018

So much precision, flexibility and body awareness on these two . Such a joy to watch. Inspiring.



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