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" The World's Most Industrious Female Ascensionist"

Date of birth: Unknown. Wichita, Kansas

Current Residence: Colorado

Height: 5 ft 4 in 

Weight: Unkown

Profession: Rock Climber ( Boulderer )

Achievements: Sinaway V14 FA;  Gold Rush V13 FA; Amandla V14 FFA; Creme de la Crumb V14 FFA

Hardest Sport Climb:  5.14b

About: Isabelle Faus, a 25-year-old boulderer, is the fifth woman in the world to climb V14. She climbs exclusively outside, where she has put up first ascents up to V14.


Isabelle Faus sends "Shadow Walker" V14/8b+ in SwissCo this summer.

Margo Hayes

With Creme de la Crumb V14/ 8B+, Isabelle Faus establishes the First Female Ascent and becomes the fifth woman in the world to climb V14.

Watch Isabelle Faus establishes First Female Ascent and displays no fear on this Pinecliff Classic Highball "Mamba" V11/12

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Dave Graham's "Memory is Parallax" is a V14 boulder problem that in Isabelle Faus's own word felt " way more powerful than the two V14's on her resume.

Isabelle Faus is one of the strongest female boulders in the world. Watch her take the First Ascent of " Goldrush" 8B in Pinecliff Boulder Canyon.

Isabelle Faus sends the 20 move long endurance test piece The Wheel of Chaos V14 first established by Daniel Woods in Rocky Mountain, Colorado

On April 9, 2018, Isabelle Faus establishes the First Female Ascent of Delusion of Grandeur V12/ 8A+, one of the most classic boulders in Chironico, Switzerland.



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