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Kilian Bron, 27,  is from Annecy - French Alps and is a Professional Enduro Mountain Bike rider. Kilian started riding bikes at 15 yrs. old, riding downhill . He spends his summers riding his bike and skis during the winter. He often shares his adrenaline filled exploits and adventures on social media through his Mission Series videos.

"It's more a mental exercise than a physical and technical performance.


A Film by Piere Henni, Follow The Light, was created in the midst of a very special atmosphere, guided… By light. From sunsets over dramatic landscapes to the illumination of hot air balloons and the warm ambience of the Middle East. Watch Killian Born on his return trip to Turkey as he discovers a region of mesmerizing scenery.

Kilian Bron shredding in the Alps with  friends from speed flying, wingsuit, trail running and many more disciplines... Above all, mountain biking, but also sharing moments in time and incredible landscapes in the heart of the Alps.

Killian Bron's version of a Tour de France breakaway .

GoPro Best of Killian Bron - Most Insane POV Lines

Amidst the alps landscapes, Killian Bron descends in synchrony with friends from speed flying, wing suit, trail running and many more.

Watch Kilian Bron tempt fate in the Dolomites shredding the Via Ferratta, Namibia ridges and other stunning landscapes. His audacious descent shows his deft bike handling skills with a complete disregard for the consequence of minor mistakes. Zero margin for error.

Watch Kilian Bron tand Jerome Clementtz ride the stunning landscapes of the Faroe Islands.

Follow Kilian Bron as he rides incredible mountains, ridges, dunes in some of the most beautiful scenic and scary riding spots.



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