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Born: February 16, 1994 Salt Lake City Utah USA

Residence: Heber City, Utah USA

Height: 5 ft. 10 inches

Weight: 145 lbs

Profession: American Professional Cross Country Cycling, Mountain Bike Rider

UCI Ranking : 75 (401 points )

World Cup Ranking : 87 (24 points Mens Elite 2016) 

Sponsors: Pivot Cycles

About: At 26 years old Keegan has already raced for a pro team in Europe and has been named to an Olympic long team. 


The White Rim Trail in Moab is a famed 100-mile loop in Canyonlands National Park. In 2019 the record was set, the “Fastest Known Time” on a bicycle was under 6hrs. This is no easy task for any human, the loop stretches across the vast canyonlands carved by the Colorado River. It's full of a colorful landscape that has eroded into countless canyons, mesa’s, and arches. This makes for a daunting task on a self-supported bike adventure. Current US Cross Country National Champion Keegen Swenson once had the infamous FKT on the White Rim trail but recently lost it. Since losing it Keegan has made it a priority of his to return and reclaim the FKT at 5:28:17 99.7 miles with 6631 ft elevation gain.

" Its an amazing feeling to win the final stage here. We're super stocked. " said a delighted Keegan Swenson. Team USA Red held the morning's good morale all the way to the end, taking the final stage.

La Rambla 5.15a

Margo Hayes

Keegan Swenson, Cannondale / Sho-Air Team rider talks about the 2015 Bonelli Park Course.



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Quoussai les maux de la fin 8c/5.14b

Photo: C Hayes

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