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Date of birth: June 15, 1989 McKinney, Texas

Height: 5ft 2 in 

Weight: 126 lbs

Profession:  Rock Climber ( Boulderer ) 

Highest Boulering Grade: V14 (8b+) Jade

About: Alex Puccio (born Alexandrea Elizabeth Cocca on June 15, 1989 in McKinney, Texas is a professional climber specializing in bouldering. She competes in climbing competitions and splits her time between climbing outdoor and indoor. She regularly participates in United States national championships and the IFSC world cups. She finished 3rd overall in the World Cup bouldering competition in 2011 and has won the American Bouldering Series eleven times.


Bouldering Legend Alex Puccio  always seem to be a top of her game. This video looks at some favorite Alex Puccio moments including some throwback footage.

Alex Puccio  and Isabelle Faus taking down "Halfway Crooks" in Clear Creek Canyon.

Alex Puccio takes down Bernd Zangerl's burly test piece "New Base Line " V14 in Magic Wood Switzerland

Alex Puccio crushes through multiple Leavenworth, WA classics " The Practitioner" V11; "Hypertrophy" V10 and "Tea Cup" V13. Watch her power through these boulders.

Alex Puccio goes on a tear at Hueco Tanks. "Diaphanous Sea" V11; "Power of Silence " V10; "Choir Boys Sit" V9; 'Darkage" V11; "Rogered in the Shower" V11; "Tequila Sunrise" V11; Dirty Martini " V9; "Free Willy" V10; "New Map of Hell" V12; "Young Blood" V12

Alex Puccio takes on the WA testpiece "The Penrose Step" V14. while down there she also took the time to take down "Beautification" V11 and "Turbulence" V12.

This is a documentary on legendary competitive boulderer Alex Puccio. In this episode, we climb with Alex in Hueco and look back at where it all began: her first experiences in the gym, how she almost didn’t make the climbing team, her first professional competitions and how all of it pushed her to greatness.



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