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Dalton Bunker is a 21-year-old climber from Salt Lake City who’s made a name for himself as a strong competition climber and an up-and-comer in outdoor climbing, as well. He got 7th place in Sport Nationals this year (2018) and in the same year, he had his best week of outdoor sport climbing ever, sending 3 5.14c’s in 1 week. He’s climbed up to 5.14d and V13, and he’s a sponsored climber as well as a climbing coach.


Margo Hayes

Dalton Bunker takes down one of Rifle's hardest routes, Joe Kinder's Planet Garbage. Line is super steep, powerful, and resistant.

La Rambla 5.15a

Dalton Bunker  on a few boulders in the St. george area, not sure on the grade/name for some of them. Appearances and film credit from Kyle O and Marley  Boulders in order of appearance: Unknown V6/7 Dave Graham Boulder V9? 72 Virgins V12? Misled V9ish Razor Reef V8/9 Memarider V12/13 Unknown V3

Dalton Bunker bags the First Ascent of Hell Cave 5.14C, a smoked stain center piece of hard steep climbing at the American Fork Canyon.

Dalton gettin' his dose of Moonshine (9a) at Wild Iris, WY. This small yet resistant route was established by local legend BJ Tilden. This thing bites back hard.



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