The Big Wall Speed Climber!

Date of Birth: June 18, 1964

Residence: Moraga, CA

Height: 6ft. 1 in.

Profession: Big Wall Speed Climber

Known for : Fastest Ascent of The Nose, El  Capitan

2hrs, 23 mins 46 secs in 2012 w/ Alex Honnold

Status: Married

HANS FLORINE, 52, is an American Big Wall Speed Climber from California, who jointly holds the record with Alex Honnold for climbing the Nose of El Cap  in a mind blowing time of 2:23:46.  Listen as Hollywood Hans, as some prefer to call him, shares his story on how they were able to break the record that was previously set by the late Dean Potter and the late Sean Leary.  


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"It's not about making money for me. It's about breaking personal barriers on the most famous route in all of climbing." 



Brief History

Alex Honnold free solos Astroman and Rostrum

September, 2007

Alex free solos Astroman and Rostrum in Yosemite Valley in a single day, becoming the second person after Peter Croft (1987) to do so.

Alex Honnold free solos Zion's Moonlight Buttress

April 1 2008

Alex free solos Zion's Moonlight Buttress.

Alex Honnold free solos the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome on

Sept 6, 2008

Alex Honnold ree solos the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome.

Alex Honnold sets speed record on El Capitan

June 17, 2012

Alex Honnold set speed record on the Nose of El Capitan with Hans Florine

Alex Honnold free solos The Phoenix 5.13a

Alex Honnold ree solos The Phoenix, the first 5.13a in United States.

Alex Honnold free solos Separate Reality 5.12a

Alex Honnold free solos Separate Reality 5.12a

Alex Honnold free solos Heaven 5.12d


Alex Honnold free solos Heaven 5.12d

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