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Date of birth: January 11, 1989

Residence: Revelstoke, BC

Height: 5 ft 9in

Weight: 152 lbs/69 kgs

Profession:  Professional skier ( Slopestyle )


                            Silver 2011 FIS World Slopestyle

                            Gold 2011 X Games Slopestyle

                            Bronze 2011 X Games Big Air

                            Bronze 2010 X Games Slopestyle

                            Silver 2009 X Games Slopestyle

                            Silver 2007 X Games Slopestyle

About: Sammy Carlson (born January 11, 1989) is an American freeskier specializing in slopestyle competitions. He was the first skier to execute a switch triple rodeo 1260 in July 2010 at Mount Hood and first skier to hit a “ski-flying” long jump with freestyle intent.


Sammy Carlson comes alive when he's soaring over pillows and slashing through powder. Watch the skier doing what he does best in an unforgettable winter in Revelstoke, BC.

This film displays Sammy Carlson's resilience throughout his career despite the injuries, skunkings, sketchy line and sketchy times in the backcountry. 

“What you are, and what you become, depends on how you use your time.”

Sammy Carlson, places himself in the record books as the first skier to hit a “ski-flying” long jump with freestyle intent. Carlson not only spun himself from the lip of a jump designed to send skiers upwards of 500 feet, but began several of many descents into the jump switch.

Since quitting the confines of competition, Sammy Carlson takes to the backcountry to satisfy his desire for progression and creativity. His approach to pillow lines and powder has redefined backcountry skiing.

Sammy Carlson, who just permanently relocated to Revelstoke, BC, discusses his lifelong passion to ski and to always keep it fun.

"It's an honor to get to ski for armada and try to add to the legacy of all the riders before me" -Sammy Carlson

An eight-time X Games medalist, Sammy Carlson has medals in three disciplines: Real Ski Backcountry, Slopestyle and Big Air. Though he has not competed at the X Games since 2006, his true passion lies in the backcountry. 



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