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Date of birth: December 31, 1990

Current Residence: Innsbruck, Austria

Height: 5 ft 8 in 

Weight: 139 lbs

Profession: Sport Climber/Boulderer

Highest Grade: Redpoint: 9b+ (5.15c)  On-sight: 8c (5.14b)

About: Jakob Schubert started climbing when he was 12 years old. Jakob won the Lead Climbing World Championship in 2012 and 2018. He is also a three-time World Cup Winner ( 2011, 2014, 2018 ) and Bronze in the 2020 Olympics.


Margo Hayes

Jakob Schubert sends King Capella 9b/5.15b and La Capella 9a+/5.15a in one day.

Jakob Schubert goes on a sending spree in an intense 3 day bouldering mission in Val Bavona and Brione Ticino, Switzerland. Ascents are the following : The Kingdom 8b+/V14 ; White Stripe 8a/V11 ; Kubalik 8b/V13 ; Casavino 8b+/ V14

Raw ascent footage of Jakob Schubert doing the first ascent of La Force Tranquille direct [8C] in Magic Wood, Switzerland. This boulder was a long-standing project and chooses the direct exit to Daniel Wood's crimpy original line, adding some spice not only for the height and sketchy landing.

Jakob Schubert spent two days in Magic Wood and went on a tear . Here's Jakob's tick list: Day 1: 0:00 One summer in paradise 8A+ 1:12 New Base Line 8B+ 2:22 Voigas 8A flash 2:53 Octopussy 8A flash 3:59 Jack’s broken heart 8A flash Day 2: 5:19 Rythmo 7C+ flash 6:33 Riders on the storm 8A+ 7:46 Practice of the wild 8B+ 9:15 Neverending Story 8B+ flash

Jakob Schubert spent 10 days on a tear on the rock after the lockdown. Here's the tick list : Nihilist sit 8b+ / Zillertal Traumschiff 8b+ / Zillertal Walk the line / 9a / First ascent / Zillertal Weisse Rose / 9a / Schleier Wasserfall

Jakob Schubert shares his physical and mental battle in capturing the third ascent of "Perfecto Mundo" 9b+/5.15c , a futuristic route bolted by Chris Sharma in Margalef, Spain.

Jakob Schubert's nail-biting last boulder in the Austrian Climbing Series.

Jakob Schubert sends "Off the Wagon" 8b+ i Val Bavona, Switzerland

La Rambla 5.15a


Jakob Schubert wins gold, defeating Adam Ondra at the 2018 IFSC World Championship in Innsbruck.

Jakob Schubert makes the second ascent of Planta de Shiva 9b

On July 4, 2015, Jakob Schubert makes the second ascent of Bugeleisen Sit fb 8c, Nalle Hikkataival's infamous 15 moves test piece. Considered one of the hardest problems in the world.



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