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Date of Birth: May 5, 1980

Residence: near Yosemite, CA

Height: 5 ft. 

Weight: Unknown

Profession: Professional Rock climber

Hardest Redpoint: 5.14c Meltdown

Hardest Onsight: 5.13c Grand Illusion

Hardest Traditional Climb: 5.14C

Number of First Ascents: 5

About:Beth Rodden started climbing in 1995 at a rock climbing gym in Davis,CA. In 1998 Rodden redpointed "To Bolt or Not to be", the historical first 5.14 in America, becoming the first woman to ascend 5.14a. With her first ascent of "Lurking Fear" in 2000 and the free ascent of "The Nose" in 2005, she became the first woman to free climb two routes on El Capitan. In 2005, she free climbed "The Optimist", becoming the first woman to redpoint 5.14b. In 2008, Rodden redpointed "Meltdown" 5.14c. It is the hardest traditional pitch in America.  Meltdown remains unrepeated to this day.

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"I'm not going to stop if I can't climb 5.14 or get paid to climb, I'll still always be climbing. I'm very lucky and grateful for the past decade or so that I've been able to make it my profession, but when 5.14 becomes completely antiquated (which is starting already) and I'm not at the top of the sport, you'll still find me outside, with friends in the mountains climbing, because I love it." 


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Pro climber Beth Rodden shares her thoughts and feelings about climbing, vulnerability and motherhood.

Beth Rodden is one of the world's best crack climbers until a series of injuries shut her down. Now, she's climbing back.

"Climbing outside with friends in some of the most beautiful places I can imagine - This is all I need."


Beth Rodden is on a tear at Yosemite Valley - "The Phoenix" 5.13a; "Cosmic Debris" 5.13b; "Peace" 5.13c/d; "Book of Hate" 5.13d; "Meltdown" 5.14c

"There comes a time in everyone's climbing life when they find a route that really captivates them. I don't think it is limited to just  one, or even two or more. But for every climber there are routes that get their attention for whatever reason - history, aesthetics, movement, the unknown"




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