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Date of birth: March 15, 1991

Current Residence: North Carolina

Height: 6ft 3 in 

Weight: unknown

Profession: Rock Climber

Notable Ascents : Moonlight Sonata V16; The Big Island V15; Southern Madness V15

About: Taylor Mcneill is known for smashing hard compression lines and putting up first ascents. He's extremely persistent—It's not unusual for him to put in 20-30 days on a project before getting it done. 



Taylor McNeill establishes the First Ascent of Sailor's Delight V14/8b+ in the back woods of North Carolina.

3 years, and the culmination of nearly 50 days of effort. For Taylor McNeill, Moonlight Sonata became more than a project. Putting up Joe's Valley's first V16 took confronting doubt and failure-- season after season. Moonlight Sonata is a testpiece of perseverance, willpower, and belief in oneself.

Taylor McNeill and Matt Fultz sample as many classic boulders that Joshua Tree National Park and Black Mountain have to offer in just three days!

"Two years of obsession over a single boulder problem. Eight of the hardest moves I've ever tried. It's hard to fully describe my experience with Southern Drawl.

Taylor McNeill returns to his home turf to battle for the second ascent of one of the hardest boulder problems in the south-east

Taylor McNeill and Nate Draughn putting in the work to establish one of North Carolina's hardest boulder problems, Bone Saw V14.

Taylor McNeill and Nate Draughn took a fall trip last year to climb some of the compression problems in the Front Range. From nemesis boulders, V13 flashes and to dream lines they've only seen in videos,



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