Date of birth: August 1, 1989

Location: Richardson, Texas USA

Height: 5 ft. 7 in

Weight: 134 lb 

Profession:  Rock Climber ( Boulder)

First Ascents: The Process V16

Highest Boulering Grade: 8C+ ( V16)

Highest Redpoint Grade:  5.15b (9b)

About: Daniel Woods is an American professional climber who specializes in bouldering. He has established many bouldering problems in areas such as Magic Wood in Switzerland, Rocklands in South Africa, and in Rocky Mountain National Park in the United States.

"Being prepared gave me the confidence to not be as afraid and more in the zone. There is always that small margin for error, but if I were to let fear consume me in a negative way, without preparation, then I would of had a higher chance of getting hurt. I feel like you can manage fear and use it in a positive way to do something that might be considered “impossible.”


Daniel Woods battles "Blade Runner" 8C/V15. The crimp bloc opens with a 7c+/V10 that leads into a burly 3 move 8B/V13. The crux of the 8B/v13 involves taking a miserable left hand 3 finger button grip and doing a near iron cross to a right hand half pad edge. Connecting this sequence became a mental nightmare.

Daniel Woods makes the second ascent of Griffin Whiteside's "Little Richard" V14/8B+ , a Camp Dick test piece.

Daniel Woods made the First Ascent of "Defying Gravity" V15, a 25 feet tall, 58 degrees overhanging problem at Thunder Ridge, South Platte, Colorado. The problem necessitated explosive moves.

Daniel Woods made the second ascent of "Sleepwalker" V16, a Nalle Hukkataival project first sent by Jimmy Webb. Sleepwalker is one of the hardest climbs in the US. Only a handful of problems exist at that grade.

Daniel Woods and Matty Hong takes us on a bouldering journey through Ticino, Switzerland repeating some of the country's hardest boulder problems such as "Dreamtime"8B+/V14 and "Off the Wagon Sit" 8C+/V16

Daniel Woods makes the third ascent of Witness the Fitness (V15/8C ). Multiple holds have broken since the ascent of Chris Sharma and Fred Niclole making the climb harder.

Daniel Woods captures the First Ascent of "The Process" V16 in Bishop, CA

Daniel Woods repeats "Lucid Dreaming" 8C/V15 highball first established by Paul Robinson at the Buttermilks, Bishop. Alex Megos described this problem as " The crux is right at the start. No heel hooks, no toe hooks , no drop knees. Nothing. Just small holds and three moves."



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