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Date of birth: April 28, 2001 Rome, Italy

Hometown: Trentino, Italy

Height: 4'10

Weight: 108 lbs

Profession: Rock climber ( Lead and bouldering )

Highest Grade: Redpoint: 9b ( 5.15b) On sight: 8b+ ( 5.14a)

About: In 2015, Laura Rogora became the second youngest person to complete a 9a route and the sixth woman to insight an 8b+. Laura Rogora recently qualified for the 2021 Summer Olympics.


Laura Rogora continues to push the limits of climbing by making the second ascent of Erebor (9b/+) which is now the hardest route ever climbed by a woman. Originally established by Stefano Ghisolfi as the hardest climb in Italy

Laura Rogora sends Shock Therapy 9a+/5.15a located at the huge crag Padaro above Arco, first sent by Stefano Ghisolfi.

Laura Rogora bags the second ascent of Pure Dreaming Plus 9a+/5.15a,  a steep and pumpy 50-meter route that climbs out of a limestone cave. The first crux is a boulder problem 15 moves off the ground, while the second crux comes after about 100 moves. Pure Dreaming was first sent by Adam Ondra.

Laura Rogora spent the lack of competitions in 2020 and went on a sending spree outdoors, sending her third 5.15 in 2020. "Pure Dreaming Plus"9a+/5.15a; "Ali Hulk sit Extension Total" 9b/5.15b and "The Bow "9a+/5.15a

After 6 days of working on it, 19 year old Laura Rogora became the second woman in the world to climb the grade 5.15/9b by sending Ali Hulk Sit Extension Total. The route is a combination of a boulder problem, climbing out of a cave then a sport rout by finishing on a rope.

Janja Garnbret

Laura Rogora at 14 years old became the first Italian Female, and the second youngest person in the world, to ever climb 9a with her recent send of Grandi Gesti, a massive 40m roof in Sperlonga, Italy.

In 2019, 17 year old Laura Rogora claims her fifth 9a by sending Escalatamaster in Perles, Spain



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