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 Fastest 'Female' Big Wall Climber!

Libby Sauter ( born October 8, 1984, in Las Vegas) is an American rock climber, mountaineer, and pediatric cardiac intensive care nurse educator. She works for a non-profit organization that aids developing countries in setting up or expanding their existing heart surgery programs. Libby along with Mayan Smith Gobat holds the women's speed record for the fastest ascent of The Nose of El Capitan, Yosemite

Sauter made the first ascent of a new route on El Hermano in Chile in 2014.[4] She set a female speed record on The Nose, El Capitan in October 2014,[1][2] also climbing two routes in one day on the face with female climber Quinn Brett.[4] She was the first woman to walk the Lost Arrow Spire Highline in Yosemite National Park.[3] She is the youngest inductee to the Mountaineering Hall of Fame


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“A part of what makes it so beautiful, so important in a climber’s life is the inherent risk of the sport. Daily, we navigate and calculate, making regular life or death decisions up on the rock. It teaches us. It guides us. It helps to shape us into the very best version of ourselves. And if we are lucky, we get to share that ‘best version’ with the world.”


Rock Warrioress Libby Sauter and Alix Morris recount and share their Speed run up the Salute Wall back in 2015.

In 2007, Libby Sauter walks the 3,000 feet above the Yosemite valley floor Lost Arrow Spire Highline

Libby Sauter: Adventure with Purpose Spotlight

"I think that pediatric cardiac nursing is the most interesting, fascinating, amazing field in nursing possible and I think that big wall climbing is the coolest form of rock climbing out there and so until there is a hospital half way up El Cap ... my way to get my fix is to vacillate between the two."

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Libby Sauter: TEDxYosemite

 In between setting speed records in El Capitan and past summers working for Yosemite's Search and Rescue team, Libby travels the world helping to create or advance existing pediatric heart surgery programs in low and middle income countries. She has focused the last three years on nursing in the Middle East, particularly in war torn Libya.


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