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Date of birth: January 1, 1997

Current Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah

Height: 5 ft 11 in 

Weight: 163 lbs

Profession: Rock Climber/Boulderer

USA Climbing Ranking ( Bouldering): 1

About: Nathaniel Coleman became the first American male to qualify for sport climbing’s 2020 Olympic Games. Nathaniel Coleman takes Silver Medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

“I think the last time I’ve cared so much about a competition was in the weeks leading up to my first open national, back in 2014.

I’m usually pretty laid back until the actual day of the comp when I can let my nerves surface and feel them drive me to compete.

But not this one, it’s got my number and won’t stop calling.”


Margo Hayes

A scientific look at boulderer Nathaniel Coleman at a sports science lab to see how his body generates the power needed for being a champion in sport climbing. The sport science helps us understand the powers and physiques of an elite athlete to find out what makes them excel in their sport.

Nathaniel Coleman and Drew Ruana battle against the hardest undone project in the US, attempting the extension to the Euro roof V13 established by Chris Sharma. The "Grand Illusion" settles in at 8C+/V16, making it one of the hardest problems in the world.

Uncut: Nathaniel Coleman - Lee Majors (9a/5.14d) FA. Nathaniel making it look easy on the First Ascent of the 5.14d/9a Lee Majors in Dry Canyon, Southern Arizona

La Rambla 5.15a


The Olympic Climbing Combined Format has 3 Focus Points for Nathaniel Coleman: Power, Power Endurance, and Stamina. Nathaniel shows us his go-to training tool for power endurance: the woody.

Nathaniel Coleman is exploring unclimbed areas in the southern deserts of Utah. His fresh drive to push the boundaries of bouldering is what allows him to access the inaccessible.

Over the past year Nathaniel Coleman has been spending time developing a new bouldering area in central Utah. The culmination of this development has lead to his recent ascent of the areas hardest boulder problem "Power of the Psych" V14."

After being indoors on the Bouldering World Cup circuit for most the summer, Kyra Condie got back on some sandstone this July, with a checklist of projects on a few classic Rocklands boulders.

Coleman takes a detour from the climbing gym to the remote and little known climbing area of the Dry Canyon in Southern Arizona. With the promise of European style limestone and one huge undone project out the steepest part of the Celebrity Cave, Nathaniel and Dalton Bunker set to work on a beauty of a rock climb known as The Lee Majors Project.



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