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Date of birth: Feb 1980 (Age 36)

Location: New Hampshire

Residence: Boulder, Colorado

Height: 5ft 10 in (1.78 m)

Weight: 152lb (69 kg)

Profession: Rock Climbing & Business Owner

Highest Bouldering Grade: V13 (8b)

Highest Redpoint Grade:  5.14d+  

Highest Trad: 5.14c 8c+ / 5.14c / E10

Favorite Music: Lady Gaga

Favorite Movie: Cria Cuervos


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"Progression is key to everything I do.  No matter what kind of climber you are there is always a way to progress which is so satisfying."

On October 25, 2016 Joe Kinder establishes the First Ascent of "Bone Tomahawk" 5.14d/15a in St. George, Utah. It is a 50 feet exceedingly steep dead horizontal, using lots of roof climbing tactics like toe hooks and drop knees.

Joe Kinder works his way up the mega classic "The Tube"5.14b at the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. The route involved delicate technical moves on slopers, crimps, pockets and smears.

Joe Kinder captures the First Ascent of "Maquina Muerte" 5.14+ in The Cathedral area of southern Utah, a steep physical and Spanish like line.

“This thing gave me grief, but it was so nice to complete,”

Joe Kinder establishes a new route in Rifle, Colorado " Garbage Pail Kids" 8c/5.14b, a very gymnastic and steep route.

 "This is one of the chossiest and dirtiest routes I have ever put up. After 5 days of cleaning, one of the funnest routes in Rifle was born: the very gymnastic and steep Garbage Pail Kids (8c)."

Joe Kinder captures the First Ascent of "Re-Up" 9a/5.14d in The Cathedral, Utah. The route combines "Unforgivable" 8c/5.14b and "Slaughterhouse" 8C/5.14b

After falling in love with the Catalonia region of Spain, Joe Kinder branches out into the further reaches of the country, finding a "dime piece route" in the process.

Global Athlete Joe Kinder had never really trained before. But after nearly 19 years of climbing, he was ready to make a real commitment to improving at the highest level.



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