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ROAD to the 2020 OLYMPICS

Adam Ondra, the 26-year-old Czech climber, is setting the world on fire.  He’s the only person to win both the lead and the bouldering world cup titles in the same year, making him the man to beat at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.   Although Ondra is not a household name, that could all change when he steps on the grand stage with nearly a billion viewers.

What makes Ondra so formidable is his ability to flash a route or a boulder problem on his first try. Very few can do that. Sure, there are hundreds of climbers and boulderers that can crush like nobody's business, but when it comes to flashing, nobody does it better than him.  

Ondra is the only person to have climbed 5.15d, currently the world's most difficult.  And he's the only person to flash a 5.15a or to onsight more than a hundred 5.14s or send a dozen V15s and 16s.  Very few climbers can compete with him, except in Speed Climbing, the third discipline in the combined format of the 2020 Olympics. There, Ondra is in the back of the pack or somewhere in the middle, but it appears he has a plan for that.  

"I think the key recipe to get the Olympic medal is either be very good at bouldering, and the best in speed with no speed specialist, and average or okay in lead.  Or be very good at lead and bouldering and bad or average at speed.”


Adam Ondra Winning Problem World Cup Fin

"The most important event will come down to bouldering."

LISTEN as Adam Ondra shares his thoughts on the Olympic format and what he believes will be the winning recipe.  Whether there will be cracks in the bouldering finals?   Which discipline is favored?  Which discipline is he focused on?  Is he concerned about speed Climbing?   Is he still incorporating the Tomoa Skip?   If you want to up your game in competition climbing and improve your national or internatioinal ranking, this Podcast is for you. 

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