Brooke Raboutou, 18, Nathaniel Coleman, 23, Kyra Condie, 23, and Colin Duffy, 16, the youngest and last allotted American climber, all secured a spot for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. To everyone's surprise, Margo HayesAshima Shiraishi, and Sean Bailey (all accomplished 5.15 climbers) failed to qualify. If there is one climber we should be keeping our eyes out for it's Colin Duffy.  His performance at the IFSC Pan American Games in Los Angles was nothing short of amazing, reminding many of Chris Sharma, Adam Ondra, and Alex Megos when they were his age.  Read story and watch video of the competition.  


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With the 2020 Olympics rapidly approaching with the introduction of Climbing, there's a lot of questions as to how the athletes will be chosen.  There's a concern many of the world's best climbers could get eliminated because they fail to compete at a high enough level in the other two disciplines.  How is that possible?  What is the format?  For the low down, I asked John Burgman with Climbing Magazine to break it down so we can wrap our heads around it.  


SURFING legend Kelly Slater failed to qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games at Tokyo, Japan, despite being heavily favored. However, John John Florence, 27, from Hawaii, clinched the last remaining spot, joining California’s Kolohe Andino, 25, for the USA men’s team.  While four-time World Champion Carissa Moore, 27, from Honolulu, Hawaii, and Caroline Marks, 17, the youngest surfer ever to qualify for the women’s Championship Tour, each clinched a spot for women’s squad, completing Team USA’s allotment. 

Worth noting, prior to the last qualifying competition, there was speculation as to whether Florence would be able to compete due to a torn ACL.  According to numerous sources, Florence was unable to stand on his board the month before, but to everyone's surprise, John John came roaring back and clinched his spot in history!  

John John Florence Surf Film Highlights 2011-2019.  


SKATEBOARDING World Champion Nyjah Huston along with superstar Tom Schaar qualified for a spot to compete in the Tokyo, Japan 2020 Olympic Games. With two divisions to fill (Park & Street), skateboarders were selected based on their specialty.

The Women's USA team in Park Skateboarding will be Jordyn Barratt, Bryce WettsteinBrighton Zeuner, and Nicole Hause.  While the Women's USA team in Street Skateboarding will be Mariah DuranJenn Soto, Alexis Sablone, and Lacey Baker.

Representing the USA Men’s Street Skateboarding will be Louie Lopez, Jagger Eaton, Chris Joslin, and Nyjah Huston, while the USA Men’s Park Skateboarding team will be: Alex Sorgente, Tristan Rennie, Tom Schaar, and Zion Wright.  More info coming soon.  

The 2020 SKATEBOARDING Olympics EXPLAINED.   This is an excellent video for those wanting to know the rules of the game. Josh Friedberg, who started skating shortly after the 1984 LA Games, explains the history behind this historic occasion and how skaters can qualify to represent their countries





FREE SOLIST, Brad Gobright, 31, was killed in a simul-rappelling accident in El Potrero Chico, Mexico.  Simul-rappelling is when two climbers descend the same rope on opposite strands that are fed through a rappel anchor.  This technique is rarely used for safety reasons.  A lot can go wrong and it must be done correctly or disaster can happen.  1) the rope should be centered with equal lengths 2) a knot should be tied into either end to prevent rappelling off.  But they didn't adhere either of these rules.  

When the news broke that Brad Gobright was dead, many in the climbing community were deeply saddened, but at the same time, most were not surprised.  Brad was a risk-taker and was willing to accept the consequences.  He just didn't think he would go that way.  And neither did his partner, Aidan Jacobson, 26, from Phoenix, Arizona, who survived.

“My first thought was that some anchor bolts had blown.  

I was worried I was going to get pulled off the edge by Brad, so I grabbed onto a rock and held on tight for 30 seconds.”


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Repeats Three of Evel Knievel's Greatest Jumps

“It’s such an honor to live a day in Evel's footsteps, and literally his boots. 

There's not a better showman that's ever happened in the sports action industry like Evel Knievel!" 

LAS VEGAS - Travis Pastrana has done what no man has ever done before, including Evel Knievel.  Dressed in a similar red, white and blue costume, Pastrana launched 143 feet in his Indian Scout FTR750 - to clear 52 crushed cars on his first jump.  Then shot 192 feet over 16 Greyhound buses for his second jump.   And concluded by jumping 149 feet to clear the fountains at Caesars Palace, the legendary jump that nearly killed the late Evel Knievel. 




Send Lake Tahoe's First V15

"More than 50 days of effort, hundreds of miles of hiking, hundreds of hours spent at this boulder, thousands of tries, and it was all over in a minute."

Ethan Pringle

Watch Jimmy Webb send Lake Tahoe, California, hardest lines with four first ascents, including The Outer Limits, Tahoe's first V15 boulder problem.


FFA of Ray of Light V13

WATCH Nina Williams make the first female ascent of Ray of Light (V13) in Rocklands, South Africa.


Sends Odyn's Crack 9a+/5.15a

WATCH Edu Marin send the fifth pitch of Valhalla in Getu, China. The full route ascends one side of Getu Arch, climbs across the roof, and then tops out on the other side.


Sends Underground Dreaming (5.15a/9a+)

WATCH Adam Ondra made the FA of Underground Dreaming, a link-up of Underground (5.14d/9a) into Pure Dreaming (5.14d/9a). 


Sends Perfecto Mundo (5.15c/9b+) FA

Watch ALEX MEGOS spent three weeks working on a route that had been originally bolted by the legendary Chris Sharma (see profile page) .


RAW FOOTAGE: FFA Biographie 


Margo Hayes make history by redpointing Biographie, which was first established by Chris Sharma, back in 1981,  See film below.