Trango Beta Stick

Trango Beta Stick is a 9' extendible clip stick shrinks down to 27" so it carries well in or on your pack Pre-clipping those first (and second) bolts 

KAILAS Clip-up Stick Clip

The Kailas Clip-up Stick Clip is made of Aluminium alloy ,foldable , lightweight; Extended length: 218cm (85.8 inch), Folded length: 52.2cm (20.55 inch), Weight: 278g

DocaPole 6-24 foot Extension Pole 

THE DOCAPOLE is the only extension pole you will ever need – extending all the way to 24 feet from only 6 feet.  Simply screw on your favorite stick clip attachment, and you are ready to preclip those potential ankle breaking first clips.  

Superclip Stick Clip

The new SUPERCLIP. Weighs less than 2 ounces. The innovative design holds virtually any standard size carabiner in the open position for attachment to an anchor or rope. To use, simply attach it to any standard extension pole then push a carabiner into the superclip. It will now hold your carabiner open for attachment to an anchor or rope. To retrieve your carabiner or quickdraw, simply position superclip under the carabiner or quickdraw and push up to engage. 

Trango Squid - The UnClip Stick

Attach the Trango Squid to a standard paint pole . The patented Squid has the ability to hang draws, clip the rope, and even unclip the draws.