Petzl Bolsa Rope Bag

The Petzl BOLSA rope bag is a lightweight rope bag with shoulder straps and integrated tarp. Designed for climbing: worn on the back, it allows the user to move around quickly with his gear. Unfolded, the 1.4 m square tarp creates a place for the rope, while protecting it from dirt, leaves, gravel... After climbing, the rope is easily stacked 

Metolius Ropemaster HC Bag

The Metolius Ropemaster HC Bag World's first and best selling rope bag improved with larger capacity Redesigned tarp facilitates easier loading 52 x 58" / 132 x 147 cm Rope widow for quick cord identification Unbreakable aluminum buckles.

DMM Classic Rope Bag

The DMM Classic Rope Bag carries an 80m rope and a few extras, the full size tarp keeps your cord dirt free, and the clever strap system allows either a rucksack or a courier style carry.

The Cord Trapper is designed to function exactly like a rope bag - minus the bag. Keep your rope clean and tangle free, then roll it up, tighten the straps, and slide it in your pack. The Cord Trapper's simple design reduces weight, bulk, and price, while providing all the benefits of a traditional rope bag for those who carry their rope in a pack.

Black Diamond Super Chute Rope Bag

The Black Diamond Super Chute is one of the larger volume rope bags that handles a rope plus a harness, shoes, 15 quickdraws, and a few extras while out climbing. The Super Chute uses a tried-and-true burrito-style design that makes it extremely quick to pack.

Metolius Speedster Bag

The Speedster Rope Bag features an innovative, two-strap, pack-style rope bag with center zipper for easy access to rope and climbing gear Big enough for 70 m cords with heaps of room for shoes, harness, draws, chalk bag Massive easy-load tarp 52 x 58" / 132 x 147 cm Small zippered pocket for wallet, keys etc

TRANGO Antidote Rope Bag

The Trango Antidote is your basic rope bag, very much in line with the Metolius ropemaster HC or the Black Diamond Super Chute but cheaper.The Antidote features a large tarp at 48"x60" (121cm x 152cm), a tarp window to see what cord you have within, color-coded tie in points, and ample space within the bag to pack extras like draws, shoes, or harness.

Black Diamond Superslacker Rope Bag

The Black Diamond Superslacker Rope Bag is a great choice if you're looking for something that allows you to carry your rope easily from one climbing location to the next. It is known for it's ease of use, compressibility and carrying comfort.

Metolius Dirt Bag II

The Metolius Dirt bag II has been improved with a larger tarp and greater capacity. The closure system is designed for durability and functionality, all at a very aggressive price.

Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito

The Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito is the solution for your crag rope management. Perfectly burritoing your cord, it easily opens and closes, with easy-to-grab handles and a built-in rope tarp. The Full Rope Burrito snuggly fits a 70-meter cord, making crag sessions that much easier. Suited for those who carry their rope in their pack.

Petzl KAB Rope Bag

The Petzl Kab Rope bag is designed to carry up to 110 meters of rope plus climbing gear, the Kab Rope Bag features an integrated trapezoidal tarp for protecting your rope from the ground. A concealable belt keeps this bandolier style bag secured, while pockets and loops accommodate your other gear.

Petzl - BUCKET rope bag 35 liter

Simple and durable, the Petzl BUCKET bag allows the user to store a rope and any associated gear. It remains upright and keeps its shape, even when empty, for easy access to the contents of the bag. It is available in two versions: 25 and 35 liters.