Date of birth: Unknown

Current Residence: Squamish, BC

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Profession: Rock Climber/Boulderer

About: Miles Adamson is one of Canada's leading rock climbers and high-ball boulderers, with sends to his name like The Path 5.14R, Honour and Glory 5.14d, Nightmare V13 and Rootin Tootin Cowboy Shootin V13. His new app has helped a number of climbers improve their training and climbing.

“Although my goals are to do bolder climbs, my approach is still generally cautious and calculated. “It was about doing something dangerous in the safest way possible to me. I don’t feel that the ground up ethic applies strongly to bouldering, even though it is indeed much harder and more impressive to do so. On highballs, I think it’s almost completely up to the climber to keep themselves safe


Margo Hayes

Miles Adamson and Matt Hendsbee wade through knee deep snow in Penticton BC, to find out the rock is also buried in snow.

McGillivray Canyon Chockstone sees its First Ascent "Artistic Works of Fiction and Falsehood" V4, free soloed by Miles Adamson

Canadian Miles Adamson does the first Ascent of Too Tall to Fall V10 on the slab face of the Grandma Peabody in Bishop, CA

La Rambla 5.15a


Miles Adamson on the classic test piece Ambrosia V11, Direct start. The heel hook beta allowed him to send the route.

Miles Adamson made the First Ascent of Impostor Syndrome 5.14d at University Wall in Canmore, BC, an undone project leftover in the 90's.



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