Metolius Contact Board

With edges, pockets, pinches, slopers, and jugs galore, the Metolius Contact Training Board is the big mamma-jamma of the hangboard world. The slight curve of the overall shape, which reduces stress on shoulder, wrist, elbow, and finger joints. Instead of a harsh, straight-down pulling motion, it creates a more neutral orientation for when the hands and arms are spread wide, making your fingers rotate ever-so-slightly outward into a more natural and ergonomic position.

Beastmaker 2000

The Beastmaker 2000 is one imposing fingerboard. It is not a hangboard for beginners. Slick, polished wood combined with steep slopers and shallow pockets and edge rails make this one of the toughest hangboards available, if not the toughest. 

Finger Stretcher Resistance Bands

Improves Finger strength and force. Promotes blood circulation, reduces pain and stiffness. Great for warming up before climbing.

TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX System provides everything you need to build strength, increase your endurance and improves flexibility. It builds muscle and burns fat in the comfort of your home., The TRX system is portable and convenient for travel as well.

TRANGO Rock Prodigy

 The Trango Rock Prodigy consists of two separate pieces — which allows you to customize the width of the board to fit your body.It is not a beginner friendly board but has plenty of challenging holds that are appropriate for climbers who are serious about training. Also, the depth of the edge rails decreases as you move outward, meaning you can make a training session harder or easier depending on where you decide to place your hands.

Ucraft Rock Climbing EVO Rings 3D Hangboard.

The Ucraft Rock Climbing EVO rings was designed by climber. We added as many features as possible to fulfill most of the exercising facilities. There are 12 types of crimps, adjustable-angle slopers and 2 styles of pinches, as well as anatomically correct pull-up grips. Weighing only 12 oz it is light and portable.

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Use the GRIPMASTER Hand Strengthener, for outstanding hand, wrist, and forearm strength, critical to climbers. The consistent ability to securely grasp & lock onto a crag or burr is essential. No other hand exerciser on the planet can isolate and develop each finger individually like the patented GRIPMASTER.

AmazonBasics Medicine Balls

Amazon Basics Medicine Balls helps develop core strength, balance and coordination.

Metolius Simulator 3D

The Simulator 3D is good for beginners because it has a lot of decent holds. If you’re a beginner, the easiest holds on this board will challenge you but aren’t overly difficult to the point of being unhelpful or damaging to your skin or tendons.

This board will also last you a long time since it does appeal to virtually all levels of climbers. 

Metolius Wood Grips Training Board

Super skin-friendly wood training boards that look great in any room. Large assortment of holds including jugs, slopers, edges and pockets

Hand Grip Strengthener 

Finger Stretcher

No matter you're working or exercising, you are overusing your gripping muscles while under-using your expanding muscles. Expanding muscles are the muscles that open your hands. Lacking of training these muscles cause imbalances that hurt performance & can cause pain & injuries.

Super Exercise Band 7 ft.long

Our super Exercise band is  7 ft. long by 6 in. wide latex, powder and scent free band is built for strength, durability and offers a complete range of motion during your workout. These bands will promote strength, muscle toning, overall fitness and physical therapy rehab applications.