Date of birth: September 8, 1986

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Height: 5 ft 8in

Weight: 150 lbs

Profession:  Rock Climber ( Boulderer ) 

Highest Grade: Bouldering V17 ( 9a ) Burden of Dreams

About: Nalle Hukkataival, is a Finnish professional climber. He specializes in bouldering. He has to his credit many first ascents and repeats in the V15-V16 bordering range. In 2014, he repeated Gioia ( V15/16 or 8C/+ )

"On a personal level, pushing beyond your limits really comes down to the battle between the unconscious and conscious mind. You can rationalize and prove to your conscious part of the brain how you should be capable of something. And you can be genuinely convinced that you’ve got what it takes. But your subconscious mind may disagree. Your subconscious mind—in control of your survival instincts—has to be the realist"


Nalle Hukkataival: BD presents Live. Climb. Repeat

Nalle Hukkatiaval is driven by first ascents. For him, the moment of actually climbing a boulder problem is secondary—a mere 10%—compared to the hard work of actually unearthing the line. But just because you have the vision of how a sequence should unfold doesn’t guarantee that you can do the moves.

Nalle Hukkataival in Rocklands - The Realm

Nalle Hukkataival : The Finnish Line V16 - Rocklands Hardest Boulder

"A Gem rare than diamonds" Sitting untouched for years within a mecca for bouldering, Nalle's test-piece has it all - aesthetics, difficulty and a beautiful setting.