Qualify for Tokyo 2021 in Los Angeles

The IFSC Continental Championships was recently held in Los Angeles at the Sender One climbing gym by LAX.  As promised, it was a nail bitter to the very end. One person that caught everyone's attention was Colin Duffy, the 16 year-old phenom that reminded many of Chris Sharma, Adam Ondra, and Alex Megos, of their early years.  So, don't be surprised if you see Colin Duffy standing on the podium at next year's Summer Olympics wearing GOLD

Canadian Alannah Yip, age 26, from North Vancouver, proved she was a dominating force by securing a spot for the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.  Watch Women's Final below.  

With the 2021 Olympics rapidly approaching with the introduction of Climbing, there's a lot of questions as to how the athletes will be chosen.  There's a concern many of the world's best climbers could get eliminated because they fail to compete at a high enough level in the other two disciplines.  How is that possible?  Was the format?  For the low down, we have a great video that IFSC put together.  And we have a fantastic Podcast interview with John Burgman of Climbing Magazine to break it all down.




1)   Janja GARNBRET                     SLO

2)  Akiyo NOGUCHI                        JPN

3)  Shauna COXSEY                         GBR

4)  Aleksandra MIROSLAW             POL

5)  Miho NONAKA                           JPN

6)  Petra KLINGLER                         SUI

7)  Brooke RABOUTOU                    USA

8)  Jessica PILZ                                  AUT

9)  Julia CHANOURDIE                    FRA

10) Mia KRAMPL                               SLO

11)  Luliia KAPLINA                          RUS

12) Kyra CONDIE                               USA

13) Laura ROGORA                             ITA

14) Yiling SONG                                  CHN

15) Alannah YIP                                   CAN


1)   Tomoa NARASAKI                JPN

2)  Jakob SCHUBERT                  AUT

3)  Rishat KHAILBULLIN           KAZ

4)  Kai HARADA                          JPN

5)  Mickael MAWEM                    FRA

6)  Alexander MEGOS                  GER

7)   Ludovico FOSSALI                 ITA

8)   Sean MCCOLL                        CAN

9)   Adam ONDRA                         CZE

10)  Bassa MAWEM                       FRA

11)  Jan HOJER                               GER

12)  YuFei PAN                                CHN

13)  Alberto GINES LOPEZ.           ESP

14) Nathaniel COLEMAN               USA

15) Colin DUFFY                            USA

The 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan will feature climbing for the first time with a format that combine three disciplines: Speed, Bouldering, and Lead Climbing, in that perspective order.  Twenty women and twenty men will compete with a maximum of (2) athletes per gender from each country.  Each athlete must compete in all three disciplines. Whoever gets the lowest combined score will win a Gold Medal.    

Scores will be calculated through the multiplication process:Speed x Bouldering x Lead = SCORE. For example, an athlete places 6th in speed, 3rd in bouldering, and 2nd in lead. Their score would be calculated as follows:  6 x 3 x 2 = 36   While another athlete may place 3rd in speed, 1st in bouldering, and 5th in lead.  Their score will be calculated as 3 x 1 x 5 = 15.  Which means, the key to winning a Gold Medal will depend on whether the athlete can WIN at least ONE discipline.  Failure to do so, could cost them the podium. 


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All athletes that qualified for 2021 Summer Olympics competed in IFSC World Cup Climbing championship in Hachioji, Japan.  Only the top (7) were invited.  Those that didn't qualify, like Adam Ondra (to everyone's surprise), had to wait until next competition in Toulouse, France.   

IFSC Climbing World Championships

Hachioji, Japan 2019

COMBINED - Women Finals

IFSC Climbing World Championships

Hachioji, Japan 2019

COMBINED - Men Finals

IFSC Climbing World Championships

Toulouse, France 2019

COMBINED - Women's Finals

IFSC Climbing World Championships

Toulouse, France 2019

COMBINED - Men's Finals