Petzl Attache Hera Screw Lock Carabiner

WEIGHT 56 gms

The Petzl Attache Hera Screw Lock Carabiner is a multi-purpose screw gate carabiner for belaying, building bombproof anchors and everything in between. A 20 mm gate opening feeds fat ropes efficiently and makes clipping and knots a breeze. MOST VERSATILE.

Black Diamond VaporLock Magnetron Carabiner

WEIGHT 56 gms

The Black Diamond Magnetron VaporLock is the ultimate lightweight locker for long free climbs and shaving grams off of your rack. Magnetron Technology uses a steel insert in the nose of the carabiner and two magnetic arms in the gate for a super-secure, super-fast and easy-to-use locking mechanism.

EDELRID HMS Strike Slider Carabiner

WEIGHT 62 gms

The Edelrid HMS Strike Slider Locking Carabiner is an innovative HMS carabiner with an automatic locking mechanism. BEST AUTO-LOCKING

EDELRID Pure Slider Carabiner

WEIGHT 42 gms

Voted Climb Gear of the year for 2014, our Pure Slider carabiner with locking slide gate is ideal for traverses or wandering routes. The Slider's gate closure is suitable for rapid clipping and has a reduced risk of the gate accidentally opening. Light and compact, the Pure Slider is 100mm x 58mm with a gate opening of 18mm and weighs 42 grams. The H-profile construction ensures the best balance of use of material to weight. BEST LIGHTWEIGHT

WEIGHT 43 gms

The Edelrid Pure Screw is ideal for FAST AND LIGHT ALPINE MISSIONS . Key lock closure system for optimal handling when clipping and unclipping. Physical dimension (mm): 100 mm x 58 mm; weighs 43 gMS. Gate opening (mm): 17

Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner

WEIGHT 85 gms

The largest belay and rappel locker Black Diamond offers, the RockLock comes equipped with a keylock nose, a slightly curved spine to maximize gate opening and a square hinge end to hold the loop securely in place. FOR HEAVY DUTY USE LIKE  RAPPELLING, BELAYING; TOP ROPING

Black Diamond Rocklock Magnetron Carabiner

WEIGHT 87 gms

The Black Diamond Magnetron Rocklock uses the power of magnets to reinvent the auto-locking carabiner. Magnetron Technology uses two magnetic arms in the gate and a steel insert in the carabiner's keylock nose to create an ultra-secure, self-clearing and redundant locking mechanism that can easily be used with either hand. The classic RockLock shape is IDEAL FOR BELAYING, BUILDING ANCHORS OR RAPPELLING

DMM Phantom Screw Gate Carabiner

WEIGHT 42 gms

The DMM Phantom Screw Gate Carabiner Lightest keylock screwgate carabiner in the world Massive push-in strength Strong I Beam construction

DMM Rhino Locking Carabiner

WEIGHT 72 gms

 The  DMM Rhino horn prevents locking assisted devices rotating off the top bar and on to the spine reducing the risk of cross loading, it also works well with selected DMM pulleys. The horn makes identification by feel on the rear gear loop easier, and the clean nose design provides snag-free loading and unloading of ropes. BEST ANTI- CROSS-LOADING

Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Carabiner

WEIGHT 56 gms

With a low-profile design, this lightweight, compact keylock carabiner offers a versatile range of functions, all while reducing snags and being easy to clip and clean.

Mad Rock Ultra Tech Screw-Gate Carabiner

Petzl Spirit Screw-Lock Carabiner

WEIGHT 45 gms

WEIGHT 56 gms

The Mad Rock Ultra Tech Screwgate Carabiner' with its keylock nose design won't snag on bolts or gear. For another thing, its manual screwgate locks smoothly and safely. Ah yes: and it's beautifully inexpensive.

The Petzl Spirit Screw Lock Carabiner is designed for use at belay stations, the Petzl Spirit Screw-Lock biner is compact, ultra-lightweight, and features a Keylock gate to avoid snagging.


DMM Spectre 2 Carabiner

WEIGHT 32 gms

The Spectre 2 features I-Beam construction for reduced weight, a shrouded nose for added security, and generous rope radii for smooth rope running and softer catches in a fall.   Versatility and a broad feature set make the Spectre 2 an ideal starting point for a climbing rack.

Wild Country Helium 2 Clean Wire

WEIGHT 33 gms

The definitive trad climbing carabiner of the last ten years, and with a clutch of five star reviews that say as much. A new slimmer wiregate enhances the ease of use; improving clipping and adding even more security to our 'Clean-lock' nose wiregate. As strong and light as ever, due to Wild Country's ground breaking 'I beam' back construction, the Helium stays as relevant, reliable and as perfect for the on-sight as any 'biner ever has been. 

Petzl Spirit Bent Gate 

WEIGHT 39 gms

A versatile quickdraw biner, the Petzl SPIRIT has become the standard for sport climbing. This lightweight bent-gate version minimizes weight on long routes and is super easy to clip.

Black Diamond Hotwire 

WEIGHT 43 gms

Petzl - DJINN

WEIGHT 45 gms

Petzl - DJINN, 

The DJINN carabiner comes in a straight gate and a bent gate version, as a combination particularly suited to those looking to begin outdoor climbing with dependable, rugged equipment. It has an H cross section to reduce weight, and the Keylock system to avoid the carabiner snagging during maneuvers.

The world's first wiregate carabiner for climbers, the Black Diamond HotWire has been revamped with an updated, 20% lighter hot-forged design. Its optimal size-to-weight ratio, flat gate-to-rope interface and resistance to freezing up in alpine conditions all ensure its continued popularity.

Camp Orbit Straight-Gate

WEIGHT 45 gms

The Camp Orbit Straight Gate Carabiner is perfect for snag-free clipping and cleaning on sport and trad routes Closure system ensuring rope or ribbon entanglement does not occur during clipping and unclipping.

Mad Rock Ultralight Wire Gate

Camp USA Orbit Bent Gate 

WEIGHT 42 gms

The Camp Orbit is sleek, sophisticated and affordable. The bent gate version of our popular Orbit carabiner is an excellent choice for the rope end on quickdraws.

WEIGHT 32 gms

WEIGHT 32 gms

The Mad Rock Ultralight Wire Gate Carabiner is so light and so strong, we're surprised it didn't pursue a career as a professional boxer. Unfortunately, few weight divisions incorporate competitors that weigh in at 31 grams, and officials felt that 23 mm of gate clearance and an easy-clipping wire gate gave the Ultralight an unfair advantage.

Black Diamond Oz

WEIGHT 28 gms

The Spectre 2 features I-Beam construction for reduced weight, a shrouded nose for added security, and generous rope radii for smooth rope running and softer catches in a fall.

Versatility and a broad feature set make the Spectre 2 an ideal starting point for a climbing rack.